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Why do you feel neck/shoulder sore after work?

Most people who suffer from neck /shoulder sore, their daily lives are like this:

This long-term bowed posture can easily cause the hunched head to lean forward, and this posture will affect the muscle balance and joint movement of the entire shoulder, neck, and thoracic region.

The cervical and thoracic vertebrae, shoulder joints, and scapula are connected to each other through muscles and ligaments. They are themselves a “community of destiny.”

Bad posture will cause stiff thoracic spine, reduced stability of the scapula, and the tightened rib cage.

When the scapula, which should be stable, is unstable, and the thoracic spine, which should be flexible, becomes stiff, then the cervical spine will naturally feel sore by the broken “community of destiny.”

What acupuncture helps is to rebuild the “community of destiny”.

Apart from that, obviously we need to maintain good posture.