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How does Chinese herb medicine help with bedwetting(enuresis)?

Infant enuresis is a natural phenomenon. Normally children between 1 and 2 years old already know to urinate. Usually, they can control urination by themselves when they are 3 years old. If children over 5 years old still cannot wake up from sleep to control urination during night sleep, they will have unconscious urination behavior. It can be diagnosed as pediatric enuresis. Pediatric enuresis is related to heredity, abnormal secretion of antidiuretic hormone, sleep arousal disorder, bladder dysfunction, and psychological factors.


Pediatric enuresis mainly occurs in children aged 5-12 years. Most children will not have bedwetting when they are sexually mature, but some children do continue even in adulthood. Often enuresis in sleep, several days or every night, or even several times a night.


Enuresis will occur when the balance of energy control water and fluid is not established. In fact, not only children but also adults, enuresis occurs when this energy imbalance happens, especially for the elderly.


Herbal medicine can control enuresis by adjusting yin and yang, establishing a balance that controls water and fluid metabolism. That’s how it works.