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What herb medicine helps

Chinese herbal medicine is a fundamental part of Chinese medicine, which has been used for centuries and still largely used in the world. Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat a wide variety of diseases including arthritis, insomnia, constipation, IBS, period problem, stroke. However, its mechanism behind the effectiveness remains unclear.

In my clinic, we mainly use Chinese herbal medicine for Skin disease like eczema, urticaria, acne, Respiratory disease like sinus, hay fever, cough, asthma, Pediatric disease like ADHD, Tourette, cold, cough, anorexia, and also for Infertility.

We will evaluate your situation based on the symptoms and your tongue and palpation.  Tongue corresponds to particular zang-fu organs and can reveal a lot about a particular disease. Palpation refers to an analysis by feeling the wrist pulse, which corresponds to the Qi movement in your body. After recognizing a particular pattern of disharmony, we will prescribe a herbal formula based on the diagnosis and the pattern.

The next stage is to boil the herbs and drink at least twice a day. Most formulas are bitterer than espresso, but they do have a magic effect.